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At the farm

This year, Class 1 and 2 have linked with Densholme Farm in West Yorkshire.  This will enrich their understanding of seasons, life on a farm and link their curriculum in a meaningful way.  By Zooming on a regular basis, the children, so far, have enjoyed listening to Farmer Dennis.  He has shared the history of his farm, current jobs he is working on and often taking the children on a virtual tour around his grounds.  The children especially love to see the goats, chickens, pigs and tractors.  Just before our last week’s Zoom call was ending, Farmer Dennis asked if the children would like to see his ‘two new additions?’  Children were bewildered but cheered, ‘Yes!’  He revealed two beautiful, black 3 day old lambs and said Ramsgate Holy Trinity can name them.  Names will be confirmed later this week!