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Year 4 - Drama

In drama this week we took our acting outside! We have been reading The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, which is about a small group of children who find themselves alone in the Amazon rainforest with no adults. As a way of being able to empathise with the characters and the problems they face we took our lesson outdoors. They children had to choose the team they wanted to be stranded with and to build a shelter that would protect them from the elements and wild animals. Mrs Price and I were so impressed with the results - not only were their problem solving skills really good, but also their ability to work as a team and divide roles and responsibilities. Each group had brilliant  ideas -  they'd thought about how to clean the water so it was drinkable, how they were going to keep warm and cook food, exits from their den in case of attack and how they were going to manage the toilet! It was a brilliant afternoon with such careful thought and attention to detail. It really helped them to access the feelings of the characters in the story and to understand how problematic having no grown ups to help and guide them, might be .