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We teach and learn in line with the Kent Agreed Syllabus as recognised by our local Canterbury Diocese. Valuing links with our local churches enables the children to appreciate the variations in the ways that different denominations express their Christian faith. We appreciate being part of the Diocese and children visit church services as well as Canterbury Cathedral which offers unique and awe-inspiring educational experiences.

Our children from other faiths are always invited to talk about their religion during lesson time lessons to share with their peers. Whenever possible, we invite religious leaders or members of other faith communities into our school to talk about their beliefs and practices – the children enjoy having their questions answered first hand. The main focus in RE is Christianity but children also learn about Islam, Hindu Dharma, Sikhi, Judaism and Humanism.

Our learning in religious education at Ramsgate Holy Trinity enables our children to develop an understanding of how religion guides people across the world to make the right choices and how to express their beliefs. This leads to valuing similarities whilst understanding and accepting differences.